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A Year With No Books

A few years back I made an odd new year’s commitment; a year with no books.  It was an experiment actually.  My logic ran like this- if you are so obsessed with ancient Christianity why not give up your books?  Why not live one year without reading, like a first century Christian housewife?  I have… Continue reading A Year With No Books

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Orthodox Education

An excerpt from the description of Sakharov‘s  I Love, Therefore I Am: The Theological Legacy of Archimandrite Sophrony. Because Fr Sophrony traversed the major religious and intellectual movements of our time, his spiritual make-up is enriched by various currents of thought. Notwithstanding this diversity, never does his theology transcend the boundaries set out by the Orthodox tradition.… Continue reading Orthodox Education

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Faust & Frankenstein

“Es irrt der Mensch, so lang ‘er strebt” “Man must err, as long as he strives.”   When I told Father Gregory that I was reading Frankenstein he scolded me and said, “NOT during Lent.”  I reassured him that Frankenstein is the stuff Lent is made of…that it is a profound critique of one of… Continue reading Faust & Frankenstein

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Long Cold Winter

“Ho, Mouse!” says Hare. “Long time no see!” So they pop white corn.  And they brew black tea.             -Bear Snores On

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Homemaking Inspiration

I was able to steal away for a couple of hours on Monday after I dropped my older girls off at drama practice.  I went to my favorite book store and bought the second Madame Chic book with my birthday money.  It is a really soft and yummy read.  I love homemaking books…and cafe lattes. Throughout… Continue reading Homemaking Inspiration

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January Preschool

  Snowflake Bentley Make coffee filter snowflakes.  Make a snowflake from Borax. View Caltech’s snowflake gallery. Learn the snowflake song by Jean Warren. Cotton-Ball counting. The Quiltmaker’s Gift   Have a tea party and serve Blueberry muffins and Ceylon tea. Make bird feeder pine cones. Learn the Seven Continents song. Make a paper patch quilt and practice… Continue reading January Preschool

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A Few Nativity Pictures

A collection of Christmas books. Wrapped up to be a sweet surprise for the evenings of December as we prepare for Jesus to be born. Our Jesse tree.  We have since abandoned the hanging of the ornaments.  Brother Bear seems to have decided that all paper products should be torn to shreds.  We are reading,… Continue reading A Few Nativity Pictures