A Woman Without A Cause

We make judgments about the world, about people. The hardest thing about having eyes is the seeing.  It’s a dangerous thing to have 20/20 vision. My eyes are getting old, and I think it is a good decline-to not see the clear edges of things anymore-for things to be a little fuzzy. I suspect it… Continue reading A Woman Without A Cause

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Guest Post @ Illumination Learning

A Woman’s Hidden Heart  If you have not already signed up to receive Illumination Learning‘s posts via email…do so!  Full of practical and spiritual advice for the Orthodox mother, father, and educator. Love Jennifer’s kindness and wisdom!  Click the link above to read a post I wrote as a Lenten reflection for mothers for Illumination… Continue reading Guest Post @ Illumination Learning

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Curried Lentils with Basmati Rice

Lentils are healthy, economic, and yummy which make them a lenten favorite at our house.  They also cook up quickly and freeze beautifully- double batch anyone? I also love how Lentils take on bold flavors which is what Curried Lentils are all about- easy and tasty! Who doesn’t love curry?  I have loved it since… Continue reading Curried Lentils with Basmati Rice

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Whole Food

What do you eat One apple cut two Drink a half glass Of grandpa’s home brew Legs and thighs Pieces and parts Chopped and diced Arranged a la carte Parsing and plating Never reach full Make me a salad A bowl full of cruel We slice at the heart We carve at the bone Wheat… Continue reading Whole Food

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What I want my daughters to know about the 2016 US Election

(I wrote this three days before the election.) A certain Hillary Clinton campaign add depicts small children innocently watching the television as Donald Trump makes fun of the disabled, offering up one calloused and derogatory remark after another to the massive crowds at his rallies. The television add ends with this epitaph, “Our children are… Continue reading What I want my daughters to know about the 2016 US Election


Homeschooling – just keep practicing.

Originally posted on A Chime of Hearts:
This is the time of year that I reflect on our home school journey… I evaluate, I ponder, and I make decisions.  I think it is better to do this now… at the end of the school year… rather than wait until fall when I will be hopelessly…

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A Year With No Books

A few years back I made an odd new year’s commitment; a year with no books.  It was an experiment actually.  My logic ran like this- if you are so obsessed with ancient Christianity why not give up your books?  Why not live one year without reading, like a first century Christian housewife?  I have… Continue reading A Year With No Books