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Thoughts Before Confession

Simple people have simple ways, and for this reason I have often thought that they are the real gurus in this world.  It is strange how complicated I can make things when in reality most things are simple.  But simple things are often the hardest things to do.  Like how I used to stress and strain about ways to clean the house…I searched and searched for organizing ideas, schedules, and tips when in fact cleaning my house was and remains real simple…all it takes is for me to get up and clean it. Just do it.  These kind of distractions and complications often go undetected by people like me…always inquiring and learning and researching, creating intellectual drama and wasting energy.

When a simple person wants to cook dinner not a thought is given to Pinterest or Paleo…no just the cupboard, maybe an old favorite, a simple meal without stress.

When a simple person wants to read the Bible they just pick up the Scriptures and read…no need for commentary or getting lost in translations and interpretations…the Psalms suit them just fine.

Tasks are not regulated, generated, formulated, or calculated…just doing the next thing…hands so familiar with the vocation that little or no thought is given to “am I doing this right?” or “could I do this better?”

An ordinary ease…that thought sounds heavenly.

And ordinary does not imply Utopia.  Ordinary means that the shock has gone out of life and the muscles needed to bear the load are well exercised…life is easy not because it is free of burdens or sin, but because the burden is well supported, almost absorbed by simple ways.

Drama is the birth child of complication.  Simplicity will restore a sense of purity and peace.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Too many words, too much knowledge seeking, too much psychological delving.

Let the day unfold with the tasks it requires to live…seek out the hidden places of the heart, not the mind.  Bring forth repentance in the simplest of ways…like looking in a mirror.  Darkness is simple…no need to know why.

Confession is not complicated, it is as simple as saying the truth with exact speech.  Humility never speaks in riddles.  I am a sinner.  Very simple.

The complicated world will convince harried souls that there is no way out…we have descended the downward spiral staircase and we can never come up again…we are all too grownup now.  But if I am still and if I am quiet and if I stop listening to the Dramatic Fantasy…I know that to follow Christ is real simple.  It’s not easy, but it is real simple.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  Matthew 5:8  


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