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Archangel Michael Week!

I thought it might be nice to share our week with you in advance.
  • Above is a little song we are learning…My Father’s Angels.
  • We are also going to make flower arrangements on Thursday in small Mason jars with the Asters, or Michaelmas Daises growing in my garden and place them in the icon corner.
  • I am shopping today for fresh Blackberries for cobbler for Friday night. Legend has it that on the day that Archangel Michael defeated Lucifer in heaven and kicked him out, Satan fell into a Bramble bush and cursed it.
  • We are telling the story of the War in Heaven.
  • We are reading Saint George and the Dragon all week.
  • We are also working on memorizing Psalm 23 and reading Sometimes I Get Scared.
  • Having lots of conversations about fear and courage.  What is good fear?  What is bad fear?  When do we need to be courageous?  What happens when we are not courageous?
  • Praying the Akathist Hymn to St. Michael the Archangel on Friday.
  • Watching How to Train Your Dragon for a movie night on Friday. 
  • Just for Mom.

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