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Liturgcal Life: July

JULY 2013
July has been an eventful month.  There is been rain for the drought here in Texas, a short period of record breaking low temperatures, and now heat that can fry an egg on a sidewalk.  My family continues to care for me with such care and patience, and I am grateful to the bottom of my heart.  I have learned a few things about myself during this time that I hope I keep with me always.  Will I ever be the same again?  I pray not.  I do not have to do it all.  This season of lack in my spiritual and liturgical life has made me see myself in a deep way, and how much love and compassion God has for those who are weak.  Bottom line, I look at things wrong.  He truly is strong when we are weak.  My kids pray, attend services, and do special projects.  However, the reading list is mine.

What I am reading:
Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church
The Gnostic Gospels
The Waning on the Middle Ages

Special Prayers:

  • All prayers said at our altar are special at this point because we have slacked off due to the morning and evening routine being so different and difficult.  Our efforts are a team effort in this area.  I cannot even stand, so someone pulls a chair up for me.  Elinor is off schedule, so she usually lays in the floor and whines until I make her sit in my lap and just be quiet.
  • We are all saying special prayers for the birth of Samuel and for his health.  We pray for me, and for Good Strength to get through this very difficult physical struggle.
  • We also prayed for the upcoming marriage of my oldest brother, and we continue to pray for the birth of my niece Emmelia who belongs to my youngest brother and his sweet wife. 
  • We continue to pray for my great aunt Marga who went to her rest this month.  May her memory be eternal.

Special Services:

  • The Betrothal & Crowning of my brother Joshua to Allison my precious new sister.  The wedding was beautiful.
  • Service at St. Arsenius Hermitage.
  • Service of Holy Unction for me and baby Samuel.

Special Projects:

  • Preparing the house for a new baby.  My husband has taken over the nesting duties, and I love watching him fold tiny sleepers and onsies.  He has done everything with the help of the girls.  I am a blessed Mama.


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