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C-Section and Mama’s Hospital Bag

Packing my hospital bag for a scheduled C-Section has been fun this week.  Some of these items are essential for a natural birth also, but after four c-sections I can recommend that some of these products be in your bag.

  • My cousin recently gave me this little tote from Thirty-One, and I thought it would work great for the hospital.  I packed all my toiletries in the handy little bag for quick access and for great organization.  With a c-section I will stay in the hospital for at least three days and two nights.  That means that when the nurses finally unwire me completely I will be allowed to shower.  Oh how I look forward to that first shower to wash away all the sticky surgical stuff.  It’s wonderful!  So, after a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up small toiletries: body wash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste/ tooth brush, mouthwash, and lotion I organized everything in this little tote.  I am excited about how compact it is and hoping it will make things a little easier in the bathroom. 

  • Also packed in the tote are pre-shower essentials: lip balm, belly butter, facial wipes, and flushable sanitary wipes.  The lip balm is wonderful when I come out of recovery and my lips are so dry.  I also like to wash my face after surgery and freshen up a bit before the family joins me. (I also brush my hair.)  A few hours later I put belly butter on my wrinkled, sore, and parched belly.  It feels so good to have the baby delivered, and it feels wonderful to moisten the skin that has been stretched to its limits.  I get HUGE when I am pregnant.  The sanitary wipes are for day two when I am not yet able to shower, but I would like to feel clean and comfortable.


  • After my shower I usually change out of the hospital gown into a comfy pair of modest pajamas.  I bought these online at Wal-Mart, and I have washed and wore them already.  They are the most comfortable pj’s I have ever worn, and they do not look or feel cheap.  I may buy another set in a different color.  Did I mention they are also nursing pajamas?  They are my favorite buy so far.  I will pack two extra pajama sets, one for day three and one for accidents.

  • Another Wal-Mart online score I found was a pair of very comfortable nursing bras.  I like to wear soft bras before my milk comes down.  It keeps me supported and the dropping is less painful.  I even wear a bra at night, and so the bra has to be comfortable.  I love this bra.  It is soft, but supportive, just what I was looking for.  And the price was great!

  •  I also pack about four pairs of granny panties.  These wonderfully big and comfortable panties are a must after surgery.  They DO NOT touch in all the right places.  I bought a size larger than I would have if I were my normal size.  The hospital supplies mesh panties that I love, and I usually save my cotton panties for the day I go home.  I pack extras just in case, or if I have an accident.            

    Some other goodies to take along:

    • A small make up bag with only the essentials: a pressed powder, tinted lip gloss, blush, mascara, and eyelash curler.  Yes, call me vain, but I do think I look refreshed and relaxed when I put on my basic face.
    • A brush and elastic bands for my hair. ( I put these into the tote.)
    • A robe.  I am not sure that I will need this.  It is very hot, and the hospital supplies an extra gown to put on backwards for the walks in the hall after surgery.
    • A small traveling icon set.
    •  Electronics: camera, video camera, and phones.  I have fully charged all these devices, but I am taking along charging cords just in case.
    • A very loose and comfy going home outfit.  I was so inspired by the blue polka dot dress that Princess Kate wore when presenting her son to the world.  So, I decided to wear a pretty maternity sundress that I have as my going home outfit.  I packed a little pair of espadrille shoes to go with it.  
    • A nursing cover.
    • My own feminine products for going home.  I will use what the hospital provides until I get ready for the trip home.  I bought the overnight product because they looked large and comfy.
    • Socks with grips on the bottom.  My first steps in the days after surgery are very unsteady, and I feel secure with grips.
    • A strong support maternity belt.  I have a condition called diastasis recti, and this garment has helped me function.  This is by far the best maternity support belt I have ever used.  I am taking it to see if it will help postpartum.


      I am getting so excited for the surgery day.  I used to get down about having a c-section, but I am older now.  I just pray for safety for me and baby, and I am thankful for the modern technology that allows me to have babies.  What have you packed in your hospital bag?  Or do you have a suggestion that I must know about?  Happy Packing- I know I am having fun!



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