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A Few Weekly Finds

On the Web…

100 Days of Real Food
I enjoyed perusing this website.  Although I may not always buy organic, and I do not stress about that much, I do like cooking real food. This website offers simple ideas and a few free meal plans.  I like simple.  I plan to use some of the recipes from here to plan my menu for next week.

T- Tapp
I recently saw this workout on a website I visit frequently.  The author of the blog struggles with sever Diastasis Recti, and she has found ways to put her body back together after seven pregnancies.  I also have this condition, although not as severe, and I am looking for ways to strengthen my abdomen and put my organs back in place.

I bought the Basic Workout Plus during a Deep Discounted Tuesday at half price.  It is a fifteen minute workout that promises to put my organs in place.  I hope it works.  My week has been crazy, and I have not started it yet.(I guess I could be doing the workout instead of blogging…couldn’t I?) I plan to start this weekend when I have a little more time to myself.

Heritage History
This site is even has many stories you can read for free!  I have used it to supplement Caroline’s history.  Take some time to explore this site.  The prices are reasonable as well!

At the Library  

This little picture book is perfect for a quiet time with a wee little.

Pond Babies by Cathryn Falwell 
As you can see, we have babies on the mind around here.

Baby-Led Breastfeeding 
You would think that by now I would be an expert at nursing…but I am not.  I do ok, but I have been struggling in the evening with frequent feedings and not producing enough during this batch feeding.  I picked this book up, and I have found many helpful reminders and some new things to try.  Yesterday afternoon I relaxed as I laid down with Samuel, tried new nursing positions, and enjoyed some skin to skin snuggle time as well.  Nursing is wonderful when I relax!

  A morning spent at the park and library after an orthodontist visit was just what we needed after an intense first three weeks of school.  My older girls are loving their online classes, but getting back into the school groove after a long summer has not been without its moments of drama. I cannot believe that September is almost come and gone!


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