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Liturgical Life: April

APRIL 2013
Great Lent is in full swing, and things are going pretty well around here.  This year was a challenge when it came to what we as a family were able to do as far as fasting goes.  I am half way through my fifth pregnancy, and cooking and eating are a challenge.  I get so sick when I am pregnant.  For the full story go here.  I also struggle with severe anemia and swelling due to lack of protein. So, after discussing things with our spiritual father we decided that the best thing at this time for our family was to not fast completely, except the regular Wednesday and Friday fasts.  Instead, we are going without television, eating out, and keeping our meals simple and small.  Also, we have made time around the icon corner a family priority and added a devotional that we all listen to and discuss.  In the beginning I was dreading Lent, because I felt that my condition was going to hinder my whole family.  But, God is good, and so far we have had some very meaningful moments of sincere reflection and struggle.  I love the Lenten season.

What we are reading:
First Fruits of Prayer: A Forty Day Journey Through the Canon of Saint Andrew
Raising Them Right: A Saint’s Advice On Raising Children
The Story of Saint Mary of Egypt
Children’s One Year Bible: 1 Samuel: The Life of King David

Special Prayers:
The Saint Ephraim Prayer
Teaching and learning to prostrate.

Special Services:
Presanctified Liturgy at Saint Arsenius Hermitage
Attending a talk at St. Barbara’s Orthodox Church given by Father Sergius:  The Vulnerability of the Incarnation.

Special Projects:
Cleaning the Yard from the winter.
Taking junk and trash to the recycle facility near our house.
Cleaning out excess from the house to donate to Goodwill.
Visiting Nouna Stella and Nouna Leann for an afternoon.  Nouna Stella’s health is poor these days and we hope to bring some cheer.
Organizing a Garage Sale.


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