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Snow Cone Summer


  Snow cone season officially starts at the end of May here in our neck of the woods, and it lasts all the way through August.  However, buying snow cones for six people can be a very expensive summer indulgence.  My kids know this, and they accept the fact that a snow cone is a special treat and not an every afternoon occurrence.  That still doesn’t stop them from wanting a snow cone almost every afternoon in this egg frying Texas heat.  So, they have taken it upon themselves to make their own snow cones.  I am amazed at my girls sometimes.  They are so industrious and  creative.  The fact is, I am not going to buy six snow cones everyday, so the girls came up with a great solution.


    Adalay won a snow cone maker back in the fall at the County 4-H food show, and it came with a few snow cone flavors.  They tasted horrible, so when they were gone, what did the girls do?  Without any help from me they learned how to make their own snow cone syrup from internet recipes and instructions, and amazingly their homemade concoctions are delicious.  They have even made dill pickle snow cones, that is Sophia’s favorite.  I provide support by eating every snow cone they make me…it is a real sacrifice, I know, but somehow I manage.  


    Nothing makes a Mama happier than to see kids take responsibility for their own happiness.  Instead of frowning around about my refusal to buy them what they wanted, what they thought would make them happy, the girls just made due with what they had.  They accepted my “no”, and they made the best of it.  Sure, their snow cones are not Hawaiian Thunder Snow Cone Hut quality, but they are made by their own effort.  Kids love things they make themselves.  I take lessons from my girls all the time.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.    

Know thyself, accept thyself, better thyself.

    Make your own snow cone creations!



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