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Garden Harvest

 July 4, 2012
    On this hot Independence Day the girls and I blanched our summer harvest of zucchini, squash, and tomatoes and put the bags of veggies in the freezer.  It was not alot of tomatoes, but we will have a few more freezing days before the harvest ends.  This winter I look forward to putting squash and zucchini from the freezer into a warm soup or casserole.  The fresh tomatoes will be great for a comforting marinara on warm noodles.  
    Addy loved the easy preservation process and commented several times that she was having fun.  She  even suggested that we increase the size of our garden  next year and freeze even more.  We shall see.  We also made pear tomato jelly.  It did not turn out as well as I hoped, but I think it will be a great marinade for pork.  Elinor and I had it on toast this morning for breakfast, and it went well with our coffee.  Yes, I let my two year old drink sips of coffee with me in the morning.  She loves it!  I wonder if the girls will remember this 4th of July?  I hope I do.  There is nothing like being in the kitchen with daughters and teaching them the joy of cooking.  
    Doing, its sometimes a challenge for me; not talking about doing or dreaming about doing or planning about doing, but actually doing.  The thing that is in my heart to do is sometimes the very hardest thing to do.  Funny conundrum.  But, today I did what I wanted, what I have been planning to do.  I put the summer harvest in the freezer, nothing is wasted, and the girls and I made a memory.  I passed down something that I remember doing as a child with my mother.  I felt free, free of the burden of letting my vegetables go to waste, and also free of the regret of missing an opportunity to be with the girls in the kitchen teaching them something new.  
Whatever is in your heart to do today; be free, and go do it!        

Here are the resources I used to make our freezing day a success.


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