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Where’s Daddy?

Searching for Daddy on a Mommy blog is a little like searching for Waldo.  He’s in there somewhere, it just takes a keen eye and some time to find him.  I have been reading mommy blogs for years, and I can say that daddy is rarely featured.  A few DH’s here and there, sometimes you see him in pictures, or he gets thrown into a funny story.  Occasionally we wives tell horror stories that include our husbands and redemption…survival stories. But for the most part the Daddy remains in the background, we never really get to know him.

This is unfortunate really.  My husband is a behind the scenes kind of guy, and is very comfortable being the strong silent type that gives lots of support.  All the pictures and posts and fun and stuff…all that fills this blog…he works hard for it just like I do… it’s hard work building a life.  So, I decided I would write a post to introduce you to my husband – the man behind the scenes.  The man who eats at my table, sleeps next to me, aggravates the daylights out of me sometimes, talks to me and listens to me, prays with me and for me, and works hard to provide for me and the kids.  He is our daddy, and a very good daddy.

Below are a few things I think make my husband and our daddy special.  I hope you enjoy getting to know us better.  Maybe you too will post a Where’s Daddy to introduce your – man behind the scenes.

 Introducing our Daddy.

  • His name is Slade.  I love that name, so manly and handsome…like a cowboy.
  • He is a Mr. Steady.
  • He loves to plan our vacations and insists we take them.
  • He likes to explore and try new things.
  • He wears glasses, the frameless kind.
  • He is the baby of his family.
  • He has traveled all over the world. 
  • He is an information junkie – he knows a lot about a lot of different subjects.
  • He has a mild case of OCD. (At least that’s my diagnoses.  He disagrees.)
  • He does not like tomatoes. 
  • He loves Dr. Pepper.
  • He has a photographic memory.
  • He works in finance.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • He sings beautifully.
  • He loves to aggravate me and the girls.
  • He is moody sometimes.
  • His favorite meal is red beans, cornbread, sliced onions, fried potatoes, and sweet iced tea.  
  • He is a great shopper and gift giver.
  • He gets angry and says things he does not mean sometimes.
  • He loves my mother…he really does.
  • He is spiritual.
  • He is funny and giggles when he laughs.
  • He pays close attention to his children and knows them very well.
  • He is always pushing forward and looking ahead.
  • He can be very hard on people.
  • He can be very generous with people.
  • He is not easily surprised or shocked.
  • He secretly wants to mow lawns for a living. (Not a secret anymore.)
  • He likes to work in the yard.

Slade is a wonderful person, husband, and daddy.  He is normal, not a saint or anything, just Slade, just ours.  Slade and I married when I was eighteen years old. Technically we have been together since I was sixteen.  He has been there to watch me grow up.  We have sort of grown up together.  I like it that way.

 He has mentioned before that I do not have a picture of him anywhere on this blog.  I do not think he cares that much to be seen, he just likes to give me a hard time, to pester me.  So here it is, a new picture and an introduction, lest anyone assume that I am a loner.  Hehe.


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