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Housewife Challenge

My friend Lori and I were driving home together last night from a 4-H food scavenger hunt at Central Market, and we got to talking about being in a house keeping rut.  We had just stuffed ourselves with Sushi and were feeling pretty good, but this house thing was bothering both of us.  She said her house was out of control, and I mentioned that I needed to get my house around for company this weekend.  We left off the conversation with a half- hearted promise to do better and get things whipped into shape.  Well, I got up this morning moving slower than normal and just feeling blah.  So, I came up with this challenge.  It is not intended to be a full house cleaning challenge…just a jump start to get the engine running.  It made me laugh, and I texted my friend to see if she was down.  Because of her schedule, we are going to do this tomorrow.  That got me to thinking.  Maybe the ladies who read my blog would like to get in on the fun!  So, if this is something that you think is doable, send it to a friend, or maybe a few friends, and have fun together getting ready for the weekend. Feel free to customize your own challenge, make it your own.
It’s on tomorrow…you and me Lori!

I challenge you to a Housewife challenge, a silly insane game that has no winner:

General Rules:
Text to begin each challenge.
Text after you finish each challenge.
No cheating…(like getting the kids to help, or stuffing stuff under beds, couches, or in ovens.)

 Level 1: An entire home rescue pick up.
 Here are the rules:

  • You can only spend 10 minutes each of 3 rooms. 
  • Send a picture to your opponent of the “before” of each room before the timer begins. 
  • When the timer goes off send an “after” shot of the same room. 
  • Start the music and turn it up loud. 
  • When the timer goes off clean like mad.

When we are done with this phase of the game we level up.

Next Level: Kitchen in 30 minutes.
  • Dishwasher and sink must be unloaded.
  • Dirty dishes must be dealt with.
  • Counters must be wiped down.
  •  Floor must be swept.
  • Trash must be taken out.
  • Sink must be shined.
  • This challenge must be done with red lipstick on. (or any bright color you can find.)
 Next level: Bathroom in 20 minutes.
  • The toilet, shower, tub, and vanities (including the mirror) must be cleaned. 
  • You must sweep and spot mop the floor.
  • Trash must be emptied. 
  • This challenge must be done in silence. (That includes no moaning and groaning in disgust.) 

Next level: Car in 15 minutes.

  •  Everything from the car must be put away or thrown away. 
  • The front dashboard must be wiped down. 
  • This challenge must be done barefoot. 

Next Level: Dusting in 10 minutes. 

  • Living room must be dusted entirely. 
  • Master bedroom must be dusted entirely. 
  • This challenge must be done with sunglasses on. 

 Next Level: Floors in 20 minutes. 

  • All floors that can be vacuumed must be vacuumed. 
  • This challenge must be done in socks. 

Next Level: Dinner in 15 minutes. 

  • You must start dinner and have all components going. 
  • This challenge must be done in high heels. 

After the Housewife Challenge is complete…meet me at Mickey D’s with a hat on your head for a big Dr. Pepper. Loser pays, I know there is no loser, but it sounded good!  Drinks are on me!


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