Sunday Night Tradition!

It’s the end of a long week…technically it’s the beginning.  But, for us Sunday feels like the end revving up for the new…

We’ve snacked around, I hardly ever cook on Sunday evenings. A bowl of cereal here, leftover pasta there…

A Marie Calendar Apple Pie cools on the stove waiting to be smothered in Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream…

My oldest is surfing on Pinterest, I am reading a few comments and making some of my own, we are lost in cyber space…

Two are playing Rock Band on the Wii, one on the drums, the other playing a mean guitar…

The toddler is talking to her farm animals on the living room rug…baby boy is swinging.

Daddy is reclining, trying to find something to watch on antenna TV….only a few minutes more…

He clicks over to channel 13, the trumpets sound, Laura Linney begins her creepy monologue, and instantly Addy and I are both on our feet, instantly uprooted. “What’s on tonight?”…

Daddy laughs and swears he’s going to make an alarm clock that chimes the trumpet sound for both of us…nothing would be better to wake to I admit…

It’s PBS…Masterpiece Classic, and tonight it was The Paradise.

The sun is asleep behind the hill, Monday is creeping in, but we are squeezing out one last bit of wonderful from the weekend…PBS…it’s our Sunday night tradition.

Did you know that you can get Masterpiece Classic updates in you inbox?  Go here for the details.  Or like Masterpiece on Facebook to stay in the know.

January 5th…Hear We Come!



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