About Mandy


Hello…my name is Amanda, my close friends and family call me Mandy.   Welcome to A Chime of Hearts.

I live on a little patch near Fort Worth, Texas, along with my husband and five children.

I am an Orthodox Christian, a convert, and my conversion continues as I travel down this dusty road.  I study and read and ponder and pray, and sometimes I write about what I am learning and how I see things.  I love to write about motherhood, my greatest struggle and JOY!

My husband and I were both homeschooled at different times, and we homeschool our five kiddos.  We love the lifestyle and the relationships that homeschooling allows.  For more info on Orthodox homeschooling see my humble series on that awesome topic!

Our homeschool philosophy is a hybrid model that continues to evolve as our life grows and changes.  We are conversationalists, we read a lot, we stay up with the news, we travel, we seek out interesting people, we watch movies and PBS, we listen to all kinds of music, we play a lot, and we love to argue.  We work together on projects and mundane chores. We love to cook and eat good food.  We pray together, we worship together.  We fight and laugh and sing and dance. That’s pretty much our school, and I write about that stuff here…it’s all good.

For more information on Orthodox Homeschooling please check out my series on that awesome subject!  Click here and enjoy!

I am glad you are here, and please chime in; I love to hear what’s in your heart!



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