About Mandy


Hello…my name is Amanda, my close friends and family call me Mandy.   Welcome to A Chime of Hearts.

I live on a little patch near Fort Worth, Texas, along with my husband of 22 years and five children.

I am an Orthodox Christian, a convert, and my conversion continues as I travel down this dusty road.  I study and read and ponder and pray, and sometimes I write about what I am learning and how I see things.  I love to write about motherhood, my greatest struggle and JOY!

I am a SAHM/homemaker with a little bit of home school mom thrown in just for crazy! My days are spent nurturing hearts, minds, and bodies.  This is a challenge- our culture makes it difficult with all its busy and burden.  However, when I slow down and hold on to my heart the vocation is a delight.  I try to find peace and joy in the ordinary days.


For more information on Orthodox Homeschooling please check out my series on that awesome subject!  Click here and enjoy!

I am glad you are here, and please chime in; I love to hear what’s in your heart!



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